Recalibrating with a little collage

Playing with collage clusters using scraps, found words, old inchies, and postage stamps on tags punched ages ago from food box cardboard. Took a break from work to do one and recalibrate my still-tired brain.

When I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and overwhelmed even by index cards and inchies, I can crank out a couple of these and feel like I’ve completed something. Will repurpose these for ICAD index cards, the art/junk journal currently in development, or maybe mail art.

ICAD 41: The thrill never fades

ICAD 41/61; no prompt. Matte acrylic paint; old Sunday newspaper clippings.

A large wire photo of a roomful of factory workers eating while socially distanced, which I clipped weeks ago, has yielded material for several cards, including this one.

Working on these. May add found words or box scores or something. Not yet officially part of the ICAD challenge till I finish at least one of them.

ICAD 40: A doodle in the dark

ICAD 40/61; no prompt. Chalkboard paint over newspaper scrap and junk mail, with my daughter’s doodling.

Took some strips of newspaper, added a bit torn from a mailing from a fireworks store, and brushed paint over it all. Added some doodles my daughter created, clipped from another index card.


That’s it. That’s the post.

ICAD 39: Random scraps

ICAD 39/61; no prompt. Chalkboard paint, various pens, Sunday newspaper clippings.

I brushed paint over a card I used to test some pens and played with some random Sunday scraps.

ICAD 38: Streaky and sparkly

ICAD 38/61; no prompt. Chalkboard paint, shimmer marker, metallic Sharpie.

Took a sponge to some old chalkboard paint, brushed it across a bunch of cards — some plain, some with bits of newsprint and scrap paper glued on them — and liked the result. I doodled on one and liked the result. You’ll likely see a bunch of black-streaked cards over the next few days.

ICAD 37: Doodling for self-care

ICAD 37/61; no prompt. Pilot G2 pens.

Yes, even more neurographic doodling. It’s probably getting monotonous for some, but I don’t care. This doodling is becoming a self-care outlet within my daily creative practice of late. This piece stems from a borderline emotional meltdown — the raging red is a giveaway — that kind of messed up my whole day, and doodling it calmed me down. Grateful for it.

The losing battle, Week 25: Meh

At least I didn’t gain any weight. I lost a whopping 0.4 pound in the past week, so I’m down to 235.4 pounds.

I’ve been relatively relaxed lately about allowing myself a sandwich or other carb-heavy food on occasion, so long as my overall carb count remains under 100 grams. For instance, I had a spicy chicken sandwich, brioche bun and all, for lunch on Sunday; it topped out at 60 grams of carbohydrate. I also snuck an onion ring, though I confess I didn’t log that.

Starting to wonder whether I need to go back to being stricter with myself. Also, I have to increase my water intake; I’ve been slacking on that, too, and drinking more diet soda, at least on the weekends.

My old clothes continue to be loose, and I continue to be vastly improved with my energy and stamina on walks than I used to be, so I don’t think I’m failing. I just feel like I need to be a little more disciplined with my eating and hydration habits.

ICAD 36: Do we have to choose?

ICAD 36; no prompt. Acrylic paint background, clipped art from our local library’s newsletter, printer paper.

ICAD 35: An overpowering “memory lane”

ICAD 35; no prompt. Newspaper clippings, junk mail, and washi tape.

The “memory lane” part is a little overpowering, the more I look at it. But it’s something.

It’s 12:20 a.m. as I post this, and people at least a block away are still setting off fireworks. That’s 12:20 a.m. on Tuesday, July 6. Their trip down memory lane hasn’t stopped.

“Jake Cronenworth, Yu Darvish and Mark Melancon on Sunday were selected to the NL’s All-Star roster, joining [Fernando Tatis JR.] — voted last week to start the game — as the Padres will send their largest contingent of players to the Midsummer Classic since 1998.

“That was the last time a star-studded Padres team advanced to the World Series.”

A sizable uptick in the amount of neighbors’ rogue firecracker activity is close to ruining my appreciation for fireworks.

ICAD 34b: Fixed on the Lord

ICAD 34b: Acrylic paint; printer paper; stencils; Sharpie.

This was part of the refrain during the psalm at Mass this morning. It’s been stuck in my head ever since.

ICAD 34a: Inchies apart

ICAD 34; no prompt. Acrylic paint background, Pilot G2 bold pen on legal pad paper glued on index card inchies.

Large, idly created neurographic doodle glued onto two index cards, then cut into 1-inch squares and then glued haphazardly on an index card with an acrylic paint cleanup card my sister made a year ago.

ICAD 33: Red for rage

ICAD 33; no prompt. Pilot G2 bold pen.

More neurographic doodling. I went with red because I was in a foul mood, and somehow red represents rage and annoyance to me.

The long holiday weekend couldn’t come at a better time for me, I think.

ICAD 32: More scraps, more glue

ICAD 32; no prompt. Old Sunday newspaper scraps and glue.

More random collage.

Actually going to bed before midnight for the first time in almost a week. Grateful for it. And grateful for the holiday weekend respite from work.

ICAD 31: Raining cats, dogs, and trash pandas

ICAD 31/61; no prompt. Newspaper clippings and glue.

There is something oddly soothing about a quick and dirty collage with old Sunday papers.

ICAD 30: The power of Internet marketing

ICAD 30/61; no prompt. Pilot G2 bold pen, glitter pen, shimmer-type marker.

Another early posting, and another neurographic doodle; experimenting with a new marker that draws a silver line with color outline. And yes, I bought the new marker after seeing countless Instagram ads for such “Doodle Dazzle” pens.

ICAD 29: Contour in color

ICAD 29/61; no prompt. Pilot G2 bold pen, glitter pens, metallic bronze Sharpie.

Posting this a day early. Colored in a blind contour drawing of the sunflowers on our kitchen table.

The losing battle, Week 24: Back downhill again

Looks like I’m recovering well from the California carb binge. Weighed in at 235.8 pounds, or 3.2 pounds down from last week – and 1 pound down from my weight just before we left. This makes for a 47.2-pound loss since January.

We’ll see how long it lasts as I begin another rough work week.

Meanwhile, I removed two rings on my right hand because they kept slipping off. And I really need to get some new pants and even skirts because the old ones keep slipping. I guess this is a good problem to have, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

ICAD 28: Hooked on neurographics

ICAD 28/61; no prompt. Pilot G2 bold pen; metallic paint Sharpie.

I’ve cranked out a small stockpile of neurographic doodles over the past few days; this stuff is addictive.

ICAD 27: A little collage

ICAD 27/61; no prompt. Acrylic paint-splotched background, blackout newspaper text, magazine clip.

Tiptoeing into a bit more collage using the piles of magazines and newspapers I’ve stockpiled for months.

ICAD 26: It’s true

ICAD 26/61; no prompt. Acrylic paint splotch background, magazine/newspaper scraps.

Summer is for reading.