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Good news: (a) I found an herbal sleep aid that I hope will help me sleep tonight, (b) I ordered an orthopedic pillow and a sleep mask that I also hope will help me sleep once they arrive in a few days, and (c) I think I have a bedtime strategy to minimize my phone app use and hopefully get me fast asleep before Mr. Buzzsaw gets to bed.

Bad news: I am spending a very precious Saturday off (a) obsessing how to improve my sleep quality going forward, (b) enraged over the fact that I have to do this at all, (c) locked in my office so I don’t take my rage out on the rest of the household, and (d) wishing I had spent the early afternoon shoveling out the home office – instead of driving all over the Western Suburbs so I don’t take my rage out on the rest of the household – so I can sleep in it if my sleep strategy effort fails.

Also, my brain is tired and feels stretched thin, and I’m exceedingly cranky. Otherwise, I’m doing great.